About Me

 Hello!!  I'm Jackie!!  
And apparently I really like exclamation points!!

A few years ago I managed to convince this really awesome guy to marry me, and now we're ya know... married.  :)

We have a fantastic little red-headed boy who's pretty much the cutest thing ever.  He seriously keeps us laughing all the time.  Basically, he rocks our world.    

I graduated law school in May of 2012 and, after passing the Bar in late August, joined a firm where I worked from September 11, 2012 until July 26, 2013. Although I really enjoyed the type of law that I practiced, my family was getting what was "left over" of me.  And, after numerous years of college and law school, the thought of my family not getting my best was just too much.  

Lots and lots of conversation later, my husband and I made the decision for me to stay home with our son starting in July of 2013.  I now homeschool Maddox and run my own family law practice on a part-time basis.  I am one happy lady!

My husband and son with me after my law-school graduation.

As for blogging, I absolutely stinking love it!!  It's a wonderful outlet, and has allowed me to capture many great memories and meet many amazing people.  I never thought I'd say that when I started this blog in March 2011.  

I've had several periods where I didn't post anything on this blog although I've thought about it all the time.  After some soul searching I realized that I wasn't writing because I didn't feel that I could come here and write about some of the not-so-fun things life throws our way.  Why would anyone want to read about me having a bad day?  Or me being sad because of this or that?  Don't get me wrong, I am very blessed.  But, we all have our struggles and challenges.

Now, I've decided that I really want this blog to include all facets of life.  I need this blog to be available for my thoughts no matter where they take me:  silliness, joy, frustration, excitement, parenting, work, you name it!  Hopefully my readers will stay with me as I grow and attempt to become more transparent for the sake of learning more about myself through blogging and hopefully inspiring others.  

People always ask others, "How would you describe yourself?"  Well, I've come up with an answer.  I've decided that in all meanings of the word both good and bad, I am absolutely relentless.

And this is my happy place.  Enjoy.  :)

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