Saturday, August 2, 2014

We've been MATCHED with a birth mom!

A few days ago I posted about how discouraged I was with adoption.  I was trying to find the courage to fundraise and to really have hope that we would adopt.

Well, something miraculous happened on Thursday, July 31st.  When I called an adoption agency to get pricing, I was given the opportunity to have our profile shown to a birth mother.  Friday I got the call that she loved us and wants to move forward.

But now, we're forced to fund raise without a lot of time.  We have until the end of this month to come up with $6,000 to move forward with her.

Will you please read our story in the link below?  We would love for you to read about us, to share our story, and to donate if you're able.  Please pray for us during this time also, as we're still being very cautiously optimistic that this will work out.

I've prayed that God will fund us.  And if He does, it will be through people like you, who feel led to help us out. We simply cannot do this without you.

Here is the link to our adoption donation site which tells our story.  Please give it a look and a share.  I'll be updating again soon.