My 30 Before 30 List

My 30 Before 30 List
  1. Visit Spain
  2. Go on a classic American roadtrip
  3. Ride in a limo
  4. Meditate on a mountain at sunrise or sunset
  5. Complete 20 do-it-yourself projects/crafts
    1. Make my own headboard
    2. Refinish this school desk for Maddox's room
    3. Create and send out Christmas cards
    4. Made a Fabric Magnet Board
    5. Homemade Angry Birds invitations to my son's 6th birthday party
    6. Knitted scarves 
    7. Made flower headbands for little girls 
    8. Made a bracelet for my grandmother 
    9. Made personalized candy jars as Christmas gifts 
    10. Made heart-shaped crayon Valentines
    11. Weekly Dinner Menu Board
    12. ....the rest will come in time
  6. See Ozzy on Tour
  7. Bet $100 on black at the roulette table
  8. Sing in a choir again
  9. Invest in the stock market
  10. Find a church/temple that "fits" me
  11. Get my mother and sister to quit smoking 
  12. Designate one evening per month as game night with my closest friends
  13. Learn how to make balloon animals & volunteer at The Children's Hospital putting my skills to the test for the kids
  14. Make someone's wish come true
  15. Pick grapes or strawberries and make fresh jelly with my son, like I did when I was a kid
  16. Ride a horse [<--coming soon!]
  17. Ride a train
  18. Get a new hairstyle
  19. Bowl a turkey
  20. Sky dive
  21. Get in the habit of waking up early enough to meditate every morning
  22. Watch 100 of IMDB's Top 250 Movies
  23. Raise $1000 in two months for a charity TBD.
  24. Watch the nutcracker during Christmastime
  25. Ride on a motorcycle.
  26. Skinny dip.
  27. Work on a political campaign
  28. Get hypnotized.
  29. Buy a hammock--and use it.
  30. Join a flower of the month club.