Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mad Jackie, J.D.

I've been missing again.  And oh, I'm so glad to be back... and to have nothing standing in my way of enjoying my blog anymore!

Why don't I have anything standing in my way anymore you ask?  Well, that's because....
I graduated from law school!!

See, I even have pictures.

My mom was a tad excited about my graduation.  Here's her car.

 My grandma and me before the ceremony.

 And one with my mom before the ceremony.

Then that sweet, sweet music started and we began to walk in.

I passed right by my fan club! :)

But then, the moment I'd been waiting for arrived.
It was my turn to walk on stage and get hooded.
I was officially a juris doctor!!  YAY!!

Afterward we took a few pictures before leaving (of course).

This is my mother and father.

 And, this would be my hubby and little man.

And one more of us, well... just because we're a good looking family.

At home, we had a nice little congratulatory party with cake and presents.  I'd always joked that I wanted a white lab coat like MDs get once they become doctors because it wasn't fair that JDs didn't get them since we're doctors too.  Well, my mother had one embroidered saying Dr. Jacquelin E. [last name], J.D.  How awesome is that?  And my grandmother had a gavel engraved with my name on it.  

So, for the last picture of my graduation day, I give you Dr. Mad Jackie.

As always, thanks for sticking with me through the break.  Graduation was in mid-May and since then I've been studying non-stop for the Bar Exam, which I took last week.  I'll post again soon to let you know the joys of bar prep.  I know you can't wait.... ;)

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