Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A metal desk & a metal uh, medal

Two unexpected events happened today that I thought I'd share.  

First, we went into a $5 t-shirt shop in downtown Branson to look around.  The front of the store was exactly as you'd expect it to be.  It contained a few cute shirts crammed between tons of ugly ones that could only be found by digging around through the racks.  But the back of the store was more like an antique store.  Granted, most of it was complete junk as well BUT I managed to find (and buy) something totally unexpected!  

Say hello to my little friend:

Yes, this is a horrible picture taken with my even more horrible phone, but you get the idea.  It's an old metal school desk and it was love at first sight.  I have big plans for this little guy and can't wait to fix it up.  Madd starts kindergarden in August so my goal is to have it finished by then.  Oh and I forgot to mention the best part about this find.  I paid $13.95 for it!  Definitely worth it!

The second unexpected event that happened today can be seen hanging around my neck and my husband's neck here:

Again, a horrible cell phone picture but the evidence is clear.  Robert and I won medals today at The Dixie Stampede.  Right before dinner we were asked by our server if we wanted to participate in the show.  I nervously said yes since I had no clue what I was agreeing to.  Turns out, I wouldn't know until I was already in the middle of the arena in front of approximately 1000 people.  

Once we were asked to step down, we were taken to a room with three other couples (making two couples from the "North Side" and two from the "South Side.")  All we were told was that we were to stand on the line in the arena and when the announcer said, "Go," the men were to run to a horse at the opposite end and the women were to stand in the same spot and clap for them.  

We walked out on the arena floor and the men ran to their horses across the arena, only to be told to come back to the line where we were standing.  The joke was on us (of course).  The men weren't riding actual horses.  They were riding stick horses.  As for the women, we were to ride on the back of our husband's horse.  

So, the announcer gave the word and off we went, riding our stick horses around the barrels in the middle of the arena like idiots.  I kept thinking, please please please just do not fall Jackie.  And to my surprise relief, I didn't!  In fact, the North Side won and we received medals.  

Yes, everyone laughed at us.  But I laughed too, so I'm thankful we were asked to participate.  Not to mention that Madd's face was priceless once he saw us walk out on the arena floor.

What a fun and memorable day! 

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