Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh, Whitney

I'm sure you've heard that Whitney Houston was found dead today.  Now, I'm not usually one to be personally upset about the death of a celebrity, but I'm really, really sad to hear that she's no longer with us.

I've always loved music.  I was in choir in high school, made All Region Choir and All State Choir and even went to college on a choir scholarship (but unfortunately was an idiot and decided not to stick with choir throughout my entire time in college.)  In fact, #8 on My 30 Before 30 List is to sing in a choir again.  (I miss it so much!)

As soon as I started to realize how much I loved to sing, Whitney Houston immediately became my idol.  After all, she had one of those voices that could completely captivate you.  I would listen to her daily in awe of her and her talent.  I respected her as an artist.  And her talent truly touched me, as I'd often turn to her music to escape reality during difficult moments when growing up.

It's been no secret that she's struggled with addiction for quite a while, but just like other artists who've fallen out of the good graces of the public, I've always hoped she'd make a comeback.  Knowing now that it won't happen is devastating.

In a society where auto-tunes and Kei$ha pass for music, it's sad to lose someone with such raw talent.

We lost one of the greats today.  R.I.P. Whitney.


  1. I was hopeful for her. Especially after she left Bobby. Addiction sucks.

    1. Yes, it does!! Maybe something good can come of this in that it might bring more attention to the matter or a foundation will be set up to help others. This is just another reminder that addiction doesn't care if you're rich or talented.

      But yes, I was hopeful too. I think we all were.

  2. Oh my goodness, I am heartbroken. I told Greg last night that I think this is the first celebrity that I have actually, truly mourned the death of. And I keep thinking of when we sang "I Believe in You and Me" in high school!! haha, memories! I would love to see that video again sometime!

    1. Ya know, I've NEVER seen that video. I also have no video of the Cinderella production or of ANYTHING we did in Southern Belles or Chamber Choir. :( I'd absolutely LOVE to get my hands on some copies though. I wonder if the school has them? Maybe Mrs. White? (It's weird to say that now that we're both "Mrs.'s" too!) But yes, I *did* think about you & our duet. Very good memories!!

      About Whitney Houston, I'm the same way. I never mourn celebrity deaths or really even keep up with them, but I think we can both just appreciate the pipes this woman had and her ability to just completely suck you into her with just one note. Truly one of a kind. :(