Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Path Not Taken

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This Post Secret submission is one that I can really relate to.  I always over analyze everything and like to play it safe.  After all, I'm a mom and I can't just think about myself.  

As I've briefly mentioned in previous posts, I plan to start my own business this year.  Right now I'm trying to get my business plan in order and I swear with every decision I make, I'm forced to ask myself two more questions that I have no clue how to answer.

It'd be so easy to just go to work for an established firm after I graduate.  I'd have a guaranteed pay check.  I wouldn't be stressing out right now attempting to define my business's image and the services I'll offer clients.  

It'd be unbelievably easier not to start my own business.  The only thing keeping me from throwing in the towel is knowing that I'd always regret not taking this risk.  I know I would.  

And I know that if I don't do this now, fresh out of law school, it won't happen.  It'd be even more difficult to justify leaving a firm with a guaranteed salary to venture off into my own business than it is to start one fresh out of school.  So I know that it's now or never.  

Yes, I'm terrified.  But I keep a saying in the back of my mind as I work through all of this that keeps me pushing forward with my dream:  I'd rather have a life of 'oh wells' than a life of 'what ifs.'

So, what's your secret?
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