Friday, July 8, 2011

So I'm a chick that doesn't cook.... sue me!!

That's right.  I don't cook.  In fact, let's be real....

My husband does the cooking in this relationship.  

And the way I see it, why mess with a good thing?  

He likes to cook.  He's a good cook.  I like to eat.  I'm a good eater.  

It's a win/win!!

Me as a cook?  Well.... let's just say I've managed to make even instant mashed potatoes inedible.  (Sadly, that is NOT a joke.)

In fact, when others see me in the kitchen, it's a scary thing....  like they expect me to kill someone.

"Jackie, step away from the knife!!"

"But I'm just cooking.... ?"

"No one needs to get hurt..."

"It's lettuce.  I'm chopping lettuce, see?"

"There's no need to get hostile!"


"Set the knife down slowly..."

"I give up!"

But lately, I've been trying to become a more well-rounded person.  Why?  I don't know.  I always feel the need to be able to do it all.  And I have some free time.  

So.... when no one was looking, I did something WILD.  

I baked!!

And, then.... something even wilder happened.

People ATE it!!

I give you:  banana-nut bread!  

{Cue angelic music as the sky opens up
and sheds light down upon this MIRACLE!}

It's so beautiful, I almost cried.  
Kinda like the day my son was born, I had this moment of, "I created this!?"

I was so afraid to taste it, to cut it.  I thought once I did that THIS was going to happen...

But, I slowly cut it and then I ate it...  
And am happy to report it was as good as it looks!

So, even though I'm not the cook in this house.... maybe I do have a few skills I didn't know about.  And you might just see more of them in the future.  

And even though I'd like to think this baking adventure was a success because I'm AMAZING, the recipe probably had a lot little something to do with it too.  (You can find the recipe here.)  

Just do me a favor if you end up making this and don't tell anyone I know that it really wasn't my awesomeness and that it really was the recipe, okay?  Thanks.

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