Monday, July 18, 2011

Foldable Flats for $8!! YAY!!

I love a good deal and I try to share the ones that really make me happy when I get a chance.  In fact, in May I shared my favorite sites to snag a deal.  Eversave isn't listed in that post because I rarely use them, but today they are having a great online deal that I couldn't pass up.

FYI:  This deal is good through Friday, July 22nd.

For $10 (or $8 if you use the code I'm about to give you) you'll get $20 to put toward a purchase of Clouds.

So, what are Clouds?  Taken from their website, "Clouds are portable ballet flats that fold and fit in a small pouch.  You can carry this pouch in your purse and have easy access to a comfortable and stylish solution when your feat hurt from wearing high heals."

I've heard of these but never owned a pair.  But, I start a new clerkship next month and the walk from the parking lot downtown to the office will be about one block.  It will be so nice to wear my Clouds during that walk everyday!  (And of course, they'll be great to wear during the 30 minute commute as well.)

Here's the pair I've got my eye on, but they have several styles/colors...

Prices range from about $19 to $25.  Shipping is only $3!  So this deal will cover all (or almost all) of your purchase.

If you decide to purchase this deal, enter the code SHARE at checkout and you'll save an extra $2, meaning you'll get $20 toward Clouds for only $8.  Holla!

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  1. Foldable Flats are great! I love wearing heels so much without them shoes my feet would hurt like hell!