Friday, January 27, 2012

Secret Sunday (inspired by 101: What is it & How Can I Link Up?

I am a huge fan of  In case you're unaware, Post Secret is a blog that is comprised of anonymous secrets that are mailed to the blog owner's address each week in the form of post cards.  New submissions are posted on Sundays.  

I started My Secret Sunday Series about six weeks ago, after realizing that I should be writing about how much I'm inspired by the submissions.  (Duh!)  There's not a single week that I am not inspired or touched in some way.  On many occasions, I can also relate to some of the submissions on a personal level.  Some secrets can be very moving, and others unforgettable.  

So, each Sunday I visit Post Secret and then share the secret here that stood out to me the most.  I then use it as a writing prompt.  Now, you can join me!  

How to Link up:
  1. Go to and check out this week's secrets.  Remember, new secrets are posted each Sunday, although sometimes the owner will put them up on Saturday evenings.  
  2. Write your amazing blog post.  Did that secret make you sad?  Can you relate?  What advice would you give that person?  Did it inspire you?  Did it make you think of something else?  Anything goes!  [Optional:  Save the image of the submission you choose to write on, and include it in your post.]
  3. Please be sure to mention that it's for Secret Sunday and link back to the Secret Sunday post.  The more that know about the link-up, the more responses everyone will get to on their post.  
  4. Link up below my Secret Sunday post, which will be posted no later than NOON each Sunday (central time).  My linkys are open from Sunday to Saturday so if you can't post until later on in the week, no worries.  
  5. Visit others' blogs to see what they wrote about and share some bloggy love!
  6. Come back next Sunday and do it again!  :)  

If you'd like to see my past Secret Sunday posts, to get more of an idea of what I post on each Sunday click here.  

Also, Feel free to follow my blog to be reminded about Secret Sunday, but it's not required to participate.  You can also follow me on FB to know exactly when the linky is up!

I hope to see you this Sunday!!


  1. Sounds like a great idea for a hop:)
    I don't think I have any secrets, just stuff that some people know that others don't know...yet. I wouldn't be upset if anyone knew it all because it's not that bad here.

    1. The link-up isn't about sharing your secrets. It's about being inspired by what other people have shared and writing about whatever that inspiration may be. Hope you'll join us!

  2. Oh my, I think I might be addicted to the post secret site...I've been reading for an hour!! Amazing. I'm so glad you shared it! I don't know if I'll get a post by this Sunday, but I'll be linking up by next Sunday for sure. This is a really cool idea :)

    Thanks for linking up with the Getting to Know You Weekend Hop!

    1. Have you read the community? I'm sure you have, but damn, I'm reading the military/soldier one because my oldest is a Marine and I'm just...stunned...sad...and happy. Again, thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great idea! I'll be participating!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Anonymity does bring great stories. :) I've never heard of the site until read your post so I'm glad you shared it with us. Dropping by from GTKY blog hop.

  5. I'm definitely going to do this! Awesome idea!