Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just Call Me The Grammar Fairy

I love Tastee Freeze, like love it.  

You know when you're a little kid and you say that you love something and another bratty kid would say, "Well, if you love it so much then why don't you just marry it?"  

Yea, well I love it that much.  

Obviously I'm already married, but it's definitely a love that boarders upon the level of having an affair with it.  Fortunately, my husband doesn't mind.

And you know how those we love the most are the ones that can drive us the most batty?  Tastee Freeze is no exception to this rule.  

I found its only flaw.  Here it is.

"Every order is prepared fresh.  So if you get your order in less than 5 minutes--its probably not your's."

This.  Sign.  Makes.  Me.  Crazy.

So crazy in fact, that I bring it up to them every time I go through the drive-thru.  In fact, they expect me to bring it up now.  This exact conversation has taken place on several occasions.

"Haye, you know your sign is grammatically incorrect, right?"

"Yes, you know you're the only one that tells us that, right?"

"Really, no one else has ever noticed this and brought it to your attention?"

"Nope.  No one.  Are you an english teacher or something?"

"Nope.  Just your average citizen who cares about the future of our written language."

I like to think of myself as the grammar fairy.  And I have a job to do.

And, although it's pointless, I'll continue to bring it up.  Don't worry, it's all in fun.  I don't say it in a rude way and the employees (as well as anyone in the car with me) almost always laugh at me.

But unfortunately, my husband has explicitly told me that I am NOT allowed to make Tastee Freeze a new, grammatically-correct sign to take up there.

Yes, I've asked him... multiple times.


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  2. I love your posts, you always make me laugh! I have a friend who goes nuts over grammar mistakes as well, since I have dyslexia I barely ever notice but somtimes when I flip a letter it can get confusing. "Sex for sale, how could they have a sign like that up" "Kathy, it says Sax for sale." Thanks again!

  3. I will help you make them a new sign. It's the right thing to do and you know it. :) I mean, for gosh sakes, they call themselves TASTEE Freeze.