Thursday, April 28, 2011

Five Gift Ideas for the Royal Wedding

As you may have heard about 8 million times in the past few months, Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married.

A royal wedding!  How exciting!

Don't they look so happy?  [Note:  Happy and uncomfortably forced into an awkward pose sometimes look the same.]

Sadly, I was overlooked on the royal invitation list.  It's okay.  I was too busy not caring to attend anyway.  

But for those who were rich fortunate enough to get an invitation, here are five gift ideas for the couple who has everything:

1:  For Princess Kate:  How about a lovely bedazzled neck brace for when that huge crown puts too much of a strain on her delicate frame?

2:  Or, what about a big giant poster of Princess Diana to hang throughout the royal home as a reminder that she will be compared to Princess Diana for the rest of her life?

3:  Now, we all know Kate loves her some hats.  

Okay... you get the point.  

So, what about adding another hat to the collection?  Something that says, "I can wear this hat if I want.  You know why?  Because I'm the future queen... and I do what I want."  

If any hat in the history of hats has ever made such a statement, it'd be this one.

4:  Now, we can't forget the groom.  For Prince William, I recommend a disguise so that when he feels the need to get away from the old royal ball-and-chain he can roam around without being recognized.

Before awesome disguise:  "Haye, look.  It's Prince William... at the bar!  I'm telling Kate!"

After awesome disguise:  "Haye, who's that dork!?  Oh wait, who cares?!"  Such a classic gift.  And one that keeps on giving!

5:  And finally, a gift for the couple.  Recently William and Kate have announced that they would love to add to the royal family in the future through adoption.  

So, if you need a gift for the couple, might I recommend one of the Duggar children.

...or possibly even one of the Jolie-Pitt children.

Let's face it... neither family would probably even notice one of them were missing.

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  1. Oh that hat is just perfect! And after wearing that hat, she would need that neck brace! So perfect!

  2. I love that you are offering up other people's children for them to adopt. Hilarious. And that pink hat is something else. You wouldn't even be able to walk through a door way.

  3. Ha! Great post. Great ideas. I particularly like #2, WWDD. Perfect!

    stopped by from mama kat's

  4. Someone had a lot of fun writing this post! Thanks for the laughs!

  5. Good job on this prompt! I couldn't think of anything! Glad I wasn't invited to the wedding so didn't need to come up with a gift!

  6. Yep, that hat takes the cake. Also love the WWPDD poster!

  7. Is it bad that I sort of want a WWPDD poster? ;-)

    Wicked funny post!

  8. Hilarious! Where in the world would one find a hat like that? How do you fit through a door?!?

  9. Thanks for the LOL! That pink hat was outrageous :)

  10. Awesome post!! You got me laughing hard! Oh, that pink hat!

    New follower from Bloggy Moms - I look forward to reading more of your blog.


  11. This post was so great! I am at work and I laughed out when I saw the bottom, they probably wouldnt even notice if one of their kids was gone! Haha

  12. Oh that neck brace is priceless!!! And that hat?? What milliner would make that atrocity?

  13. oh you have me rollin'!!!
    Too funny!!

  14. Love love the Hat!
    I am sure the Duggar family would never even notice!

  15. Funny, funny post! Great nerd disguise for the bar. And the hats... oh the hats. Actually I need a hat for a horse race I'm going to next weekend...a hoity toity affair and I've nothing to wear. Maybe that totally fab pink hat???

  16. I'm afraid to show my duaghter the picture of the pink hat because she would proably try to duplicate it with her comforter or a table cloth! Great post, very funny! I always leave my visits to your site with a smile! Happy Royal Wedding Day!

  17. That hat is too much! Hard to believe someone actually wore that at some point. :)

  18. Giving them a Duggar child is a PRICELESS idea!!

  19. Jejeje! Wasn´t expecting this line of thought jejeje! I was way more conservative on my blog... I wrote about pamelas and headpieces!!
    Have a great weekend and I´ll definitely stop by again

  20. OH MY! I laughed and laughed and then I got to then end and I laughed even harder (even though I know I should't have, best kind that)!

    Visiting from Mama Kats