Saturday, April 2, 2011

Perfect Day to Play at the Park

Such a great start to the weekend MONTH!  

After I got home from class, Robert and I took Madd to the park downtown.  We flipping love this park.  However, because our trip was actually more of a spontaneous detour on our way to grab sushi ("Momma, can we go to that park and play that has the tunnels?") I didn't bring my camera.  So, cruddy pics from my Blackberry are all I have to share.  Grr.

The only thing Madd loves more than sliding down this big slide, is forcing me to slide down this big slide.

"Momma, what are you waiting on?  Just come down here already."

So of course, I did.

There are so many tunnels at the park.  It's perfect for little boys who love to explore.

Hmm.... I wonder how those jeans got a hole in the knee.

I had to crawl around the tunnels with him.  Yes, I meant to use the word crawl.  But could YOU say no to that face?  

Madd and I climbed up on a rock together and he said, "Let's just sit here and enjoy the beautiful view together."  He can be such a gentleman when he wants to be.  :)

After we left the park we ate sushi at our favorite sushi spot, Wasabi.  As usual, our eyes were bigger than our tummies.  Thank God for to-go boxes!  

I then decided to get an iPhone 4 because I've finally had enough of my piece-of-junk Blackberry.  I've gone through at least six of these things within the past two years because they just quit working.  Notice the cracked screen?  Just lovely, I know.

I think I'm going to have some type of ceremonial goodbye for it.  Maddox and I discussed this topic tonight on our way home from the Verizon store.  So, stay tuned for pictures of the ceremony.  [evil laugh]

The rest of the night was a lazy one.  Just ask Charlie.

But, we did manage to get the paintings for Madd's room that I purchased from Etsy hung above Madd's bed.  I've been waiting on these cute little guys for a month now because the seller painted them in colors specifically for his room.  I'm so glad they're here, and that Madd loves them.  

Alright.  It's time to join Charlie.  After such a great night, I'm ready for some great sleep.

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