Monday, April 4, 2011

Spencer Pratt is Following Me on Twitter... Seriously.

So, I open my twitter account today and notice I have a new follower.  This guy.

This is Spencer Pratt, best known for his roll on MTV's The Hills, his marriage to Heidi Montag, and his love of magic crystals.  I was never a loyal follower of the show, but I've seen several dozen more episodes than I'm willing to publicly admit.  

I have several theories as to why he's following me:

1)  He could sense that I too am a hippie, love child.

2)  He noticed all of the cleavage in my profile picture and it reminded him of Heidi.

3)  He's just really bored now that he's out of work.

4)  I am more famous than he is.

No matter what the reason, I'm very happy to have him as a follower!  Although he is often portrayed as an ass slightly inconsiderate and self-centered on TV, I've never trusted the media.  

And this random happening turned an average evening into one in which I proclaimed, "Woah, wait... WHAT, Spencer Pratt is totally following me on Twitter!"  So thanks for that Mr. Pratt.  

Oh, and in case you're wondering... I returned the favor and am now following him as well.  It was the least I could do.  ;)


  1. how funny! well im not spencer pratt but now im following you! i read a couple of your posts and loved them! would love for you to check mine out sometime! Theres not much to it because im a new blogger but feel free to if you would like!

  2. Very funny post, congrantulations! Lol! I am enjoying your site, both times I visited you made me smile! Thanks, I"m sure you will brighten Spencers day too! Lol!

  3. lol love it. I like Kathy am lovin your site made me smile and add things to my bucket list from your list of things to do before your 30. Sunrise/Sunset LOVE THAT ONE!!

  4. Hi Jackie,

    Checking out your blog from BloggyMoms. Love this post! So funny! I'm now one of your new followers.


  5. hey! I was wondering if you or anyone could tell me how to put the google followers thingy on my profile? I cant figure it out. i have wordpress and i have downloaded the google gadget but cant figure out how to put it on my profile! thanks!

  6. You're really funny.

    Lexie Lane

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  7. lol... Great post! Following you now from Bloggy moms. Would love a visit @