Friday, June 24, 2011

The Signs I'm Using to Determine Whether My Interview Goes Well

In less than twelve hours something crazy happens.

It's good crazy, but crazy nonetheless.

I interview for a job... as an attorney!  [Told you it was crazy!]

We all know that after an interview everyone always asks, "Well, how'd it go?"

I never know how to answer that.  So to help me out, I've devised a list of possible scenarios that may take place tomorrow to help me rate my experience tomorrow as "good" or "bad."

This man is present conduct my interview = bad sign

This man is present to conduct my interview = good sign
[P.S. I've been a very good girl this year.]

Entering room to find pot of gold at the end of a rainbow = good sign

Entering interview room to find an angry leprechaun = bad sign

Being asked my opinion about current laws = good sign

Being asked whether I'm Team Jacob or Team Edward = bad sign

Being handed large sums of cash before leaving = good sign

Being handed trash to take out before leaving = bad sign

Now you know how I'll be determining how my interview goes,
so all that's left to do is wish me luck!!

Update:  I didn't get this job.  In fact, my interview was on a Friday afternoon and Monday I received my "thanks for interviewing but we've chosen someone else" letter in the mail.  Now, I'm no expert on how the postal service works, but considering that I was told it'd be at least a week or two before a decision would be made, unless I accidently hibernated, I'm pretty sure that the interview was a waste of my time & that a previous applicant had been chosen during his/her interview prior to me interviewing.  Fun stuff.  :)  

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