Monday, January 30, 2012

HAH... Good Luck With That

Okay, so Pinterest has spawned a bazillion people (myself included) who suddenly think they're crafty.

I'm fine with that.  In fact, Pinterest is really going to help me knock out #5 on my 30 Before 30 list.  I'm all about stealing someone else's creativity and passing it along as my own.

But every once in a while I'll see a pin that makes me angry.  Now, if I see it once or twice--okay, mildly irritated.  But when it becomes so popular that I see it a dozen times a week, I am angered.

This is one of those pins.

AWWW, look.  It's a cute little sand-filled time out stool.  Isn't that precious?  I can make it and then my child will just sit there like the perfect angel that he is.  WRONG.  

First of all, the kid's freakin' feet can't even touch the floor.  He's going to fall over.  And yes, it will be your fault.

Second of all, and most importantly--do you know of ANY CHILD that would sit on a timeout stool, knowing that once alllll the sand gets to the bottom he'll be able to get up, WITHOUT getting up so that he can actually SEE the sand?!  

Allow me to answer that for you.  You don't.  Because that child does not exist.  

In real life, your child is going to be ass up, hands on the ground, looking at the sand upside down until he falls over and breaks something.  He'll either break his face OR he'll break the stool.  

So would you rather clean up blood or sand or bloody sand?  Because you're asking for it if you make your kid sit on this.  

Yes, the stool is adorable.  But this is make-believe, people.  Quit pinning this 8,000,000 times a day and for the love of God do not make this.  


  1. I think it's cute, but you have a good point with the kid wanting to watch the sand. I'd rather make the hour glass and have the kid sit on the floor peacefully watching the sand thinking about why s/he's in time out? That was my thought. Not all crafts have to be completely useful all the time.

  2. That is a cute stool. I always used the step. They's all sit there in a group on a different step. I'd forget about them til 20 minutes later they'd yell, "Can we get up now?"

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