Sunday, January 15, 2012

Do you "LIKE" me? Then tell me so!

I'm participating in this week's Sunday Social at  It's all about the Facebook like!

Please stop by and "like" my facebook page!  Also, please join in the fun by adding your page to Spilled Milkshake's linky and supporting the others that have linked up as well.  

Don't have a fan page yet for your blog?  Have one but your posts won't automatically import?  Check out this how-to guide!  

Thank you for supporting me and other bloggers.  :)


  1. So nice to find your site!! I wanted to thank you for participating in the Social Sunday hop. This was my first ever hop, and I was lucky to get to do it with the great Christina of Spilled Milkshake and Lexie Lane of voiceBoks! I'm now liking your page and following your blog so I'm looking forward to getting to read more from you!! Thanks again!!

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for promoting this!!!! I think we did awesome for our first week - I really hope I see you back next Sunday!