Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's 20 Freakin' 12 Y'all!

It's 20 freakin' 12 y'all.  That just sounds so futuristic.  I feel like I should be teleporting the cookies I'm craving right now from the fridge directly into my mouth.  But instead, I guess I'll have to get up and get them myself.  LAME!

Honestly I don't even KNOW what all of my New Year Resolutions were last year.  But, if I had to guess I'm sure one of them was to lose weight.  #fail

One awesome thing that DID came into my life in 2011 and stick around to ring in the new year with me was this blog.  I started it in March of 2011 with a post entitled 'I Feel Nakie'.  And, although this blog wasn't part of a New Year's Resolution, as busy and chaotic as 2011 was at times, I'm thankful to be celebrating my one-year bloggy birthday in just two and a half months!

This year, my New Year's Resolutions are pretty normal, which is pretty strange for me.  After all, you're reading the chick's blog whose past resolutions have included things like 'to open all of my chip bags upside' or 'to find a way to work the word echelon into a sentence at every opportunity possible.'

So, back to 2012:

Not yet, but it could be if I don't get it together....

One of my main focuses will be to make organization a priority.  I'll be *cough* starting my own business this year and running it from home so organization will play a big part in my sanity during all of this.

To help me get organized I'm taking part in the 52 week organizational challenge at Home Storage Solutions 101.  I've already done about 80% of week one (holla).  Did I mention how extremely thankful I am that someone took the time to break household organization into 52 easy steps so that it might actually have a chance of getting done?  Because I am.

I want to purposefully turn off ALL electronic forms of entertainment for one hour per night on weekdays--not just my electronics--all of them.  Honestly, I'd love to get that number to two hours a night, but I'm planning on starting it with 30 minutes beginning next Monday, after the kiddo has been back in school from the break and we have more of a routine.  (Note--No, electronics are not always on at my home.  That's not what I'm saying.  I'm talking about designating a specific time that they are not allowed so as to facilitate more talking, family time, and togetherness.)

Another obvious resolution is weight loss.  *yawn*  I love My Fitness Pal and have been using it off and on for quite a while.  I hope to use it a little more religiously throughout the year and to shed some excess poundage.  {Oh, and if you're using MFP email me and I'll give you my SN so we can like, totally be MFPBFFs!}

What else?  What else?  Oh, I'm also (of course) hoping to knock out some more of my 30 before 30 list.  I also want to live more in the moment (which is very hard for me and I hate that.)

So, yea... 2012's goals are pretty calm but they'll be challenging in many respects.  Above all, so long as my my family, friends, and our health greet me as I welcome in 2013 in a year I can't say I'll have too many complaints about what happens with much else.  It's the little things people.

This post idea came from Mama Kat's Writing Workshop.  Be sure to stop by there for creative inspiration!


  1. These are awesome! Love that calorie counter! I'm going to start using it again too. And your 30 before 30 list looks like my "bucket list" that I'm always adding to and marking off as I go. So fun!

  2. I just read your Bucket List, but didn't see a place to comment on it, but it is awesome! If I could be the fly on the wall that gets to witness these, that would be so fun! lol. I hope you get to do every single one of those! You crack me up! :)

  3. These are great goals. I'm sure 2012 is going to be an amazing year for you. Can't wait to read all about it.

  4. These are such good goals, woman! I so need to partake on the organizational bit. Help! :)

    Happy New Year! Here's to a fabulous one!

  5. Best of luck with your resolutions! I hope I will do well with mine as well. Just here via Mama Kat's :)

  6. I want to post something really insightful or encouraging or profound, but I can't stop giggling over "open all my chip bags upside down." That is an awesome - no it's an AWESOME (all caps AWESOME!!!!) resolution. Did you succeed?

  7. I agree on turning off the electronics. I do that do my children...and they freak momentarily -- then they are much better for it. And 52 weeks of organization. I need to check that out.

  8. Best of luck! Love your goals and I also go the 52 weeks with orgjunkie! Love it. I stopped last year because of a big move but i am started fro #1 this week actually. Not sure if she is doing another link up though =(

    And i agree opening bags of chips upside down is pretty AWESOME! lol

    visiting back with the link up from http://asideofsanity.blogspot.com/

  9. Organization is my nemesis. Back you evil beast, back!

  10. Turn off Cell Phone is something I always want to do and forget (conveniently) constantly! I'm going to add it to my Do Something New Every Day resolution...
    Adorable blog- following! :)